The Company

Proventus Bioscience corporate platform is to bring bio-innovation to a diverse set of markets. The company is built on one common principle: the creation of value added resources through natural processes.

Proventus Bioscience has the technical expertise in place to enhance the development of new frontier products. Working closely with customers allows us to gain an understanding of their markets and priorities with a clear intention to commercialize.

With our team of forward thinkers, Proventus is focused on the development of Eco- Positive solutions for the creation of alternative products for sustainable health and environmental protection. Together with our partners across the globe, we have made new and innovative discoveries that have a positive impact on social and ecological sustainability. Our tenacious team is continuously improving our processes and products. One of Proventus’ many advantages is its capability to adapt to market changes. At Proventus, we help to ease the transition from research laboratory to market.