Proventus Bioscience uses cutting edge technology for the development and optimization of its bacteria cultures.

Though state-of-the-art protocol, our lab capabilities can investigate complex microbial communities from environmental samples. Proventus uses Next Generation Sequencing with the use of 16S rDNA gene sequencing for bacterial and fungal identification and discovery. DNA sequencing is a molecular technique that can be used to identify bacteria and fungi.

Knowledge of the identity of these isolates allows our team insights into potential uses and benefits of these microorganisms, fungal and yeasts cultures. Once our team of scientists and technicians has identified the isolate, they move on to a shake-flask study of the culture, and from there, to lab scale fermentation. Production media and the best combination of nutrients are evaluated during this phase. Once all the parameters have been validated, Proventus then develops the bioprocesses that can be smoothly transferred to commercialized applications.

Proventus Lab and Fermentation Services

  • Fast cGMP compliant contract microbial testing services (our sequencing service can provide an identification of a yeast or bacterial isolate in 6 hours)
  • Culture evaluation and studies
  • Shake flasks starter cultures
  • Pilot-scale fermentation
  • Large-scale batch fermentation