Due to environmental, economic and political limitations, sewage sludge management has been one of the serious challenges for WWTPs and municipalities worldwide. In the past decades, the reduction of excess sludge production has gained much attention. Different strategies have been applied in attempts to reduce excess sludge. Proventus Bioscience has developed a program to help in the reduction of sludge. Using a combination of beneficial microorganisms, enzymes and essential nutrients, the products help to stimulate biological activity in the sludge. This technique provides a cost effective way of reducing sludge volume and improving treatment.

EXTEND minimizes settled sludge volume and reduces solids handling costs in wastewater lagoons. With its highly adapted consortium of microorganisms, powerful enzymes and essential micronutrients, this formulation ensures rapid stimulation of biological activity and improved wastewater sludge reduction. The microorganisms and nutrients in EXTEND stimulate biological activity in the sludge layer.