Many different bacteria are present at low levels in many bodies of water. These bacteria thrive in warm, damp environments. This includes (but is not limited to) cooling towers, secondary water usage collection sumps, fire suppression systems and many other types of systems. These bacteria can multiply and pose operational and health concerns.


BioMin is an antimicrobial sand filter media and is the key to successful particle removal and controlling waterborne bacteria without the use of chemicals. Biomin is an impregnated sand filter media that minimizes microbiological activity, which can be used as a replacement for most sand and multi-media filters. Unlike plain sand filters that may breathe bacteria, BioMin minimizes biological activity when water is re-circulated across the media.

No single solution fits every application, but Proventus’ Biomin antimicrobial filter media can be an added benefit to your water treatment program for managing and minimizing biological populations.

Non-chemical biostatic properties:

  • Environmentally friendly Eco-Positive technology
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Decreased usage of biocides
  • Decreased cost of your water treatment programs