Proventus’ range of aquatic balancing inoculants improves water quality, leading to reduced risk of disease and increased yields.


Balancing water quality is a key factor in aquaculture eco systems. Unhealthy water conditions negatively impact aquatic life by increasing mortality rates. Proventus’ microbial inoculants use beneficial bacteria that assist in maintaining healthy conditions naturally and effectively. Proventus’ range of microbial solutions support improved growth, survival and increase disease resistance. The end result is increased yields and profits for farmers.

PURE-Aqua-A well balanced consortium of selected microbial cultures that helps maintain water quality during the crop cycle.

AquaCure Tabs-Developed for ease of use, AquaCure tabs are a slow release solid tablet that allows continuous seeding. The tablets help in maintaining a natural balance between sludge digestion, nitrogen cycling and oxygen consumption.

BioCap-AQ-Works as a germination catalyst by increasing the levels of organic carbon in order to metabolize bacteria, using a greater proportion of the available nitrogen. Application of BioCAP-AQ improves the ability to proliferate bacterial numbers.

AQ-Benefit-Is a unique probiotic mixture which may be added to the feed to promote shrimp health and performance. It contains beneficial bacteria cultures, which increase the feed quality and may significantly reduce serious diseases, such as white spot disease and vibriosis, following consumption.