JUNE 2016

PROVENTUS BIOSCIENCE is pleased to announce it has undertaken a collaborative research project in conjunction with THE UNIVERSITY OF SHERBROOKE. The proposed collaborative project involves the development and optimization of a novel bacterial strain used in the oil and gas sector.

PROVENTUS BIOSCIENCE is a Montreal based biotechnology company that produces microbial and fungal isolates that are used in the production of environmentally sound products. The joint research project between the University of Sherbrook and Proventus will permit the company to develop a novel technology that can be commercialized for use in pollution control of wastes that contain high petroleum distillates.

The science team will be managed under the guidance of Dr. Denis Groleau. Dr. Groleau is a Full Professor at the University de Sherbrooke (Qc).and holds Tier 1 Canada Research Chair on Microorganisms and Industrial Processes in Biotechnology.