May 18, 2018

Biomining with Microbes

“A greener world for sustainability” – Vincent Delorenzo

Proventus Bioscience and LIAP of Chile have announced a strategic alliance to transform research and commercialization of sustainable microbial products that will provide a new platform of solutions for the mining industry.

The alliance will bring together Proventus Bioscience’s scale – up commercial capabilities within microbial optimization, development and production with LIAP’s microbial discovery, advanced biology, field testing and commercial capabilities experience. The result will be a comprehensive research, development and commercial collaboration to help the mining industry meet the challenge of producing more with less in order to reduce the environmental impact on a global scale.

Proventus Bioscience’s know-how and experience in microbial technologies has allowed the company to develop a broad product portfolio with strengths in microbial optimization, application and fermentation. Proventus Bioscience is well positioned within the biological market, and brings an established and unique starting point for the alliance to excel in both the short and long term.

LIAP has a diverse research team working on microbial solutions and applications in minerals and mineral concentrates processing with biohydrometallurgy techniques. Their ongoing projects in new environmental biotechnical remediation solutions for land and waters impacted by the mining activity (metals, oils, AMD), has one of the most extensive seeds and traits discovery, as well as field-testing and commercial footprints in the mining industry. All this will help fast-track microbial development through the alliance, enabling the creation of a bio approach solution much faster.

In bringing together Proventus and LIAP capabilities, the companies are poised to deliver an entirely new commercially approved approach to effective microbial solutions for the global mining industry.








Rachel Bozel

Media Relations