Proventus Bioscience develops new approaches for the implementation of strategies to clean up contaminated sites.

Soil is the foundation on which we will build a sustainable future. It is essential for water and ecosystem health; it shapes our landscapes, and supports our biodiversity. In spite of all this, soil has been contaminated, exploited, and degraded all over the world. Proventus offers a line of step wise soil restoration products that can be combined with non-biological treatment technologies for the rehabilitation of contaminated soils.



COMPLEMENT-Contains a selected combination of isolates, presenting a broad spectrum of metabolic pathways which enable the degradation of complex hydrocarbon chains. Complement is best suited for land farming applications and has successfully demonstrated its ability to be one of the most effective methods of remediating shallow and surface contaminated soil and sediment. It provides a permanent solution as a result of facilitating complete mineralization of the contaminants in the environment.

BIOCAP S-Is a concentrated liquid, which utilizes plant extracts together with vitamins and minerals for use as a biocatalyst nutrient source in order to increase the carbon uptake of the indigenous microbes. BioCAP-S improves soil structure while stimulating the activity of beneficial bacteria. This balances the carbon-oxygen ratio, creating a carbon rich soil that allows the bacteria to become more active. BioCAP-S increases the availability of nutrients blocked by mineralization in soils. BioCAP-S also helps to diminish the stress of saline soils and pH extremes.