Working Towards Sustainable Agriculture Without Chemicals and with Optimum Yields of High Quality Crops


Biological sustainability for horticulture, agriculture and turf management has become a going concern for the future. Proventus is focused on creating beneficial and effective microorganisms for sustainable agriculture that can be successfully transitioned from chemical-based farming to alternative agriculture techniques that help to improve and maintain the quality of agricultural soils.

Proventus Bioscience supports biological plant care solutions by producing and marketing fungal and bacterial bio control products, bio fertilizers and bio stimulants for application in agriculture, horticulture, turf management and consumer gardening.

Proventus specializes in supplying biological plant protection, bio stimulation and bio fertilization products that improve productivity and plant vitality. Biological plant protection utilizes nature’s own methods for the prevention of plant diseases and pests. Pathogens are controlled by their natural enemies; microbes isolated from nature.