The Proventus Bioscience corporate mandate is to bring bio-innovation to a diverse set of markets. The company is built on a common principle, the creation of value added resources through natural processes.

With its team of forward thinkers Proventus Bioscience is focused on the development of Biological solutions as a natural way of creating alternative products for sustainable health and environmental protection. Together with partners across the globe new and innovative discoveries are being made giving a positive impact on social and ecological sustainability.

Our primary treatment objectives are to provide our customers with the performance and results that exceed expectations. The selection of treatment products, determination of program dosage rates, and control parameters are governed by these performance considerations.

The success of any microbiological treatment program greatly depends on proper application of our products. It is in this respect that Proventus Bioscience will provide you with sufficient services and support to ensure that you achieve the desired results.

Proventus Bioscience has the technical expertise to help our customers best manage their treatment applications and we embrace new advancements as we continuously improve on our products and processes. We will review all aspects of your processes, equipment and (bio) chemistries to design a complete program that will provide results at very competitive costs.

“Never problems only solutions”

Proventus Bioscience is committed to responsible environmental awareness

  • Integration with the natural environment
  • Scientific understanding of nature’s resources and their interactions capabilities within the environment.
  • Joint research with leading universities giving access to global knowledge which is paramount in maintaining a competitive edge.
  • Innovation, thinking outside the box.
  • In-depth knowledge of problematic issues and the scientific knowhow to implement solutions.
  • Effective solutions for a broad range of issues related to global awareness
  • Technical personnel experienced to work hand in hand with clients.
  • Experienced in both the science and engineering aspects for our target markets.