JUNE 5, 2017

From its inception in 2015, Proventus Bioscience has developed a platform focusing on the creation and manufacturing of Bio-efficient technologies. The company provides alternative solutions in the revitalization and minimization of environment pollutants.

Proventus Bioscience in its efforts to deliver eco-positive solutions has embarked on third-party party accreditation programs. Proventus Bioscience announces today that it has been awarded the Ecologo approval for its biological additive JAN-NF-20X, the first in a series of applied accreditations.

JAN-NF-20X is a proprietary, non-toxic, natural bacteria solution that interrupts the formation of pollutants while controlling noxious odors. The product is distributed as a raw ingredient to industrial and institutional cleaning product manufacturers as a value-added addition to their current formulations. JAN-NF- 20X is biodegradable and harmless to the environment. The UL Ecologo approval helps affirm Proventus Bioscience’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

UL Environment, a division of UL (Underwriters Laboratories) works to advance global sustainability and environmental health and safety, by supporting the growth and development of environmentally preferable products, services and organizations.

UL Environment’s ECOLOGO program is an independent third-party certification program that indicated a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing and/or exhaustive auditing to prove its compliance with stringent third-party environmental performance standards.

Earning this mark demonstrates that Proventus Bioscience has achieved sustainability and cares about maintaining its environmental values through the development of more sustainable products.

Mr. Vincent Delorenzo co-founder of Proventus Bioscience is quoted saying “We are very pleased with this recent approval. By earning the UL Ecologo, our clients can feel confident they are using a product that has been independently certified to meet strict environmental standards that reflect their entire life cycle – manufacturing to disposal.”

To learn more about UL Environmental, visit www.ul.com/environment