Odours are frequently the result of disrupted biological processes taking place throughout the collection system within a wastewater treatment plant and are often most appropriately resolved by using biological solutions. Chemical oxidizers are expensive and may prove detrimental to the microbial community, as well as the treatment process itself. Masking agents are available, but they are simply temporary fixes and therefore do not resolve the fundamental root causes of the odour problem.

Proventus’ series of control products minimizes odours by influencing the microbiology of the decomposing waste in the substrate. The mode of action is the re-enforcement of aerobic facultative microbes with non-odorous by-products, thus reducing the presence of anaerobic microbes with odorous by-products.

Proventus odour control series are applied to a diverse range of industrial sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, mining and municipal industrial lagoons as well as being included in environmental management programmes.

BioCap utilizes microencapsulation technology to help reduce the malodours in waste generating environments. BioCap promotes propagation by facultative bacteria, which are able to breakdown the organic matter while eliminating odorous substances. BioCap is a combination of aerobic facultative microorganisms incorporated with micronutrients, amino acids and complex organic extracts considered to be the building blocks for growth and synthesis of new cell material.